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Written by Joseph Leung — May 30, 2014



This is my 6th small humidifier. This time I was deertmined to find an ultrasonic model that featured an automatic shutoff, a rotating mist outlet & digital controls. While they are such practical features, you’d be surprised to learn how hard that combo is to find! I came across this one from Crane a big name in plumbing fixtures. As I hadn’t heard of them making humidifiers before, I was leery. You know how it can backfire when you buy something that isn’t a mainstream name or model? That won’t be the case with this machine.I am totally & pleasantly surprised. It arrived on time, well-packed & was intuitive to get started. It’s SO quiet! The reason that I chose this one over a quite comparable Holmes or Honeywell is because it includes an ionizer a feature that one would normally need to purchase a separate air purifier to have. It also offers BOTH cool & warm mist. While I don’t expect to use the warm mist (cats,) it’s good to know that it’s there. This is by far the QUIETEST humidifier of the six that I have had!Unless you’re independently wealthy & can afford to run it with distilled water, you will need the optional demineralization filter to avoid the white powder deposit left by hard water. So just go ahead & buy one.This machine is a real winner in every way. And oh, btw, did I mention that is QUIET????

June 14 2015

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