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Odor Control

There are numerous of things that can give off foul odors into the indoor environment. Some of them are building materials, furnishings, carpeting, ventilation systems, and people.

Common Causes of Indoor Odor

Mold - This may give off damp odors, which are volatile organic compounds (VOCs) produced by the mold. The specific VOCs released are dependent on the type of mold and material it is growing on. The microbial VOCs can be measured even though mold cannot be seen. Finding those mold specific VOCs is an indicator of mold growth.

Organic Solvents - These odours usually area by product of newly painted materials, furniture, vinyl or hardwood floors, and cleaners.

Rotten eggs - If you smell rotten eggs in your living space it maybe excess sewer gas seeping into your building. This is usually from a dry door trap underneath the floor or sink.

Personal care products - Many individuals in North America have experienced some breathing problems that are aggravated by strong odors from scented products. Strongly scented products can also trigger headaches and fatigue.

New Materials - Furnishings and construction materials can have odors associated with VOCs

Tips for Minimizing Complaints About Odors

Make sure to choose materials that have no or low odor levels. Understand the difference between scent-free and unscented as some products market their product as scent-free, but actually have more VOCs that unscented products.

Reduce the use of air fresheners or deodorizer products to mask other odors since they introduce additional VOCs and odors that may cause allergic and irritant reactions.

Keep furniture, materials and building clean and dry, and prevent mold growth. Make sure to keep water in sink and floor traps and away from dry areas.

Air out any materials or furniture before using them especially after washing them with water. 

Identifying the source of your odor and using either an air purifier or a dehumidifier to improve the indoor air quality.

Recommended Air Purifiers for Odors


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